Cooler Master Master Gel Pro Thermal Grease



  • High CPU/GPU conductivity (8 W/m.k)
  • Improves heat transfer from chipset to cooler base or heatpipes
  • Easy to spread and remove without surface damage
  • Mastergel Pro thermal gel goes a step above in thermal dissipation for superior customers. Polymer oxides within the compound create excessive conductivity between the cpu and cooler base to transfer warmness quickly. The powerful method is still easily implemented and removed without negative the base.


Model number MGY-OSSG-N15M-R1
Color Grey
Specific Gravity 2.6
Thermal Conductivity >8 W/m-K
Volume 4g
Extra Scraper
Grease Cleaner
EAN Code 4719512050774
UPC Code 884102027857


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