Creative Inspire T3300 2.1 Speakers


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  • Big sound from a compact system
  • Enjoy natural sounding audio
  • Powerful subwoofer with adjustable bass
  • Easy access to controls

Get ready to be blown away by means of the magnificent overall performance of the creative encourage t3300 2.1 speaker device. It supplies incredible bass and amazingly accurate complete spectrum audio this is sincerely the quality in its class. The speaker gadget comes with a big down-firing ported subwoofer with an adjustable bass level. The audio spectrum of the satellites had been absolutely stronger by incorporating creative’s dual slot enclosure (dse), a layout function that produces louder mid-bass even in tight enclosures. Further, with innovative’s picture focusing plate (ifp) layout, which improves sonic directivity to listening areas, you get greater centered song that is louder, and with increased mid-bass, while retaining tonal accuracy. Now you may enjoy all of the info inside the audio out of your laptop and lots of different audio devices!

BIG SOUND FROM A COMPACT SYSTEM – To boom loudness and bass, speakers commonly require pretty lengthy and extensive port tubes. The encourage t3300 capabilities the innovative dse layout, which allows the audio system to reap louder and deeper playback even if restrained to a compact housing. That is made possible by separating the port tube into  separate slots and reconstructing them to suit right into a tight enclosure.

NATURAL SOUNDING AUDIO – Our newly-stepped forward creative ifp design capabilities an prolonged flare surrounding the satellite driver to offer a good wider acoustic candy spot. This improves sonic directivity to the listening region, giving track greater awareness at the same time as maintaining tonal accuracy.

POWERFUL SUBWOOFER WITH ADJUSTABLE BASS – Everyone likes their bass in a different way – some like explosive thumps, others prefer it light. Simply adjust the bass level of the powerful, down-firing ported subwoofer just the way you like it!

EASY ACCESS CONTROL – The power and volume control are integrated into one independent wired remote control for your convenience and ease of use.


System Configuration 2.1 system
Weight Satellite: 2 x 320g (2 x 11.3oz), Subwoofer: 1.87kg (4.1lbs)
Connector Type Stereo Jack
Remote Control Wired
Speaker Power 5.5 Watts RMS Per Channel(2Channels),16 Watts RMS Sub-Woofer
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