Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Speakers


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  • Let the Inspire T6300 5.1 surround speaker system elevate your movie, game and music experience to new heights! With Creative’s Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) design, the speakers are ingeniously constructed to produce louder, more pronounced mid-bass out of their compact shells. Each satellite also features the Creative Image Focusing Plate (IFP) design for accurate sonic directivity and natural tonal balance. The speaker system comes with bold front satellites, smaller rear and center satellites, plus a powerful down-firing ported subwoofer for explosive bass. It makes the perfect complement to any desktop computer. Surround yourself with the most compelling 5.1 audio experience today with the Inspire T6300!

Big sound from a compact system

  • To increase loudness and bass, speakers generally require fairly long and wide port tubes. The Inspire T6300 features the Creative DSE design, which enables the speakers to achieve louder and deeper playback even when constrained to a compact housing. This is made possible by separating the port tube into two separate slots and reconstructing them to fit into a tight enclosure.

Enjoy natural sounding audio

  • Our newly-improved Creative IFP design features an extended flare surrounding the satellite driver to provide an even wider acoustic sweet spot. This improves sonic directivity to the listening area, giving music more focus while preserving tonal accuracy. With more natural-sounding audio, you’ll feel as if the concert is performing live, right there in your room!

Powerful subwoofer with adjustable bass

  • Everyone likes their bass in a different way – some like explosive thumps, others prefer it light. Simply adjust the bass level of the powerful, down-firing ported subwoofer just the way you like it!

Amazing surround sound

  • The speaker system comes with two larger, distinctive front satellites that complement any entertainment system setting; and three smaller rear and center positional satellites for more discrete placement.
    Together, they deliver accurate 5.1 positional audio during games and movies for the most realistic and amazing experience ever!

Easy access to controls

  • The power and volume control are integrated into one independent wired remote control for your convenience and ease of use.


Feature Description
Product weight:
  • Bold front satellite(s): 2 x 0.274kg/0.60lbs
  • Medium rear and centre satellite(s): 2 x 0.319kg/0.70lbs, 1 x 0.258kg/0.57lbs
  • Subwoofer: 2.4kg/5.29lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm:
  • Large satellite: 86 x 177 x 93
  • Medium satellite: 72 x 147 x 79
  • Subwoofer: 175 x 227 x 263
Speaker power:
  • 7 Watts RMS per channel (5 channels)
  • 22 Watts RMS subwoofer
Frequency response:
  • 50Hz ~ 20kHz
  • >75dB
  • 1 x 5.1 analog jack


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